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Melanie shares a detailed example of transiting Chiron moving through a birth chart, from the natal conjunction with the Sun through the opening and closing squares. Over 6. Skip to content. Birth Data enter your birth date, time and place. Special bundle price includes all three sessions plus bonus video. Bonus session only available with this bundle. What Is Included? Melanie Introduces the Series. Customer Reviews 4 Based on 2 Reviews. Customer Photos. Chiron is therefore associated with phrases like "the Wounded Healer" and "the wound that never heals.

That doesn't mean we have to let those wounds define us or consume us, but there is a certain quality to our experience of these things that cannot simply be wiped away. We carry the memory of that pain to some extent, and for some people that pain is never very far away from their here-and-now consciousness. For some of us, Chiron represents a more profound and persistent wound than for others.

Chiron represents a tricky dilemma in which a complete solution to the problem is often not possible, and yet the difficulty in the situation makes it necessary to do something about it. Caught between the proverbial rock and the hard place, what is one to do? It's all in how you frame the experience. Brent Hawkes once said, "In this life you may not be healed of the disease, but you can be healed of its hold over you.

Chiron Lesson , Astrology Lessons by Bob Marks

This is the essence of Chiron's wise healing. The mythological Chiron did not simply retreat into his cave and suffer. First, he did everything he could to see what could be done about it, by learning even more about the healing arts. Then, even when it became clear that nothing was going to eradicate the problem completely, he still didn't simply retreat.

Discovering What We’re Fighting For

It's not that nothing can be done for these deep wounds, but it's a bit like pulling up a weed — a piece of the root often remains even after we think we have disposed of it all. This is usually an important influence in shaping who we are, and is just as fundamental to our spiritual and psychological growth as any feel-good, optimistic or inspiring experience can be. Chiron astrologically is our persistent wound and also points to how to apply some healing to it.

It represents the area of life where you have suffered in some way that never seems to get complete resolved. And yet, it is also the area where you will find the most healing by allowing yourself to fully accept the reality of your experience in that area. Through acceptance of the problem, we usually find that we can progress further than if we simply fight the problem. Chiron is the ironic aspect of transformation.

Look to the sign and house where your natal Chiron is and you'll discover the area of life that requires Chiron's unique brand of transformation. Pisces is known, among other things, for its compassion, empathy and sensitivity. These qualities can, at their best, lead the person to want to help, heal and be of service to others. The Pisces part of us feels the other person's pain to such an extent that we may feel compelled to alleviate their distress, if only so that we won't continue to hurt by witnessing it.

Some truly amazing and moving feats have been accomplished from this level of compassion and caring. Mother Teresa is perhaps the most well known modern-day example of this kind of devotion herself, born with Chiron in Pisces opposite her Sun, using the birth data commonly used for her. Piscean people can be drawn to self-sacrifice, believing that by forfeiting their own comfort, liberty or wellbeing, they can make it possible for someone else to prosper.

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On one hand this is a noble, well-intentioned gesture that can potentially shield or rescue someone else from hardship. And sometimes people really do need rescuing — not to protect them from evolving, growing and strengthening, but to give a hand up when they're unable to give it to themselves. And the selfless Piscean energy in us all is capable of transmuting our empathy and compassion into action that places the needs of another before our own.

However, it can also become problematic if the rescuer is not looking after their own needs and winds up depleted. You can't be of much use to anyone else if you cripple yourself through excessive self-sacrifice.

Chiron Transits to Natal Venus – Interpretations

At the extreme, this can produce a melodrama of martyrdom — the noble benefactor who is themselves wretched. At worst, this condition of chosen yet helpless depletion could be used to justify manipulation or deception. This could even lead the person to become what is sometimes called a "psychic vampire," where the person drains others dry who offer their sympathy and energy. This is an example of why it is regarded as seriously unwise to jump in after someone who is drowning — throw them a lifeline instead, but stay safely on the shore where you can remain strong.

Most of the time, the Pisces in us resides in between these extremes. Our Pisces empathy and compassion lead us to want to donate to earthquake survivors in Haiti, for instance, or reach out to comfort someone we barely know who is in distress. We "feel their pain" and suffer along with them as we witness their crisis. And as long as we don't allow ourselves to be dragged down into that crisis, we can remain a strong resource to help and support others. There is a common thread running between Chiron and Pisces: the potential for suffering. If Pisces believes that suffering is noble and Chiron experiences suffering as unavoidable, their combination could amplify the experience and idealization of suffering.

A spiritual approach to Chiron in Pisces might want to regard suffering as a noble end in itself. However, there is a risk of becoming stuck in one's suffering and pain. The danger lies in believing that if you're not suffering, it must mean you're not working hard enough on whatever wounds or shortcomings you're trying to resolve or heal.

A more practical and in many ways healthier perspective might be to treat suffering not as an end in itself, but as a symptom meant to inspire an end to suffering.

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