Daily horoscope for march 11 2020

Close your eyes and focus on your grandest dream. Now think of one thing you could do right now—or really soon—to get it closer to a reality. But anything you start now will get a little extra cosmic pixie dust, so do something to jump-start things. Bring on the dynamic duos! This could be one of your luckiest love days of the year as the annual Sagittarius new moon lights a blazing bonfire in your seventh house of partnerships.

In the sign of the Archer, this lunar lift will help you speak YOUR truth, which sets the stage for the other person to do the same.

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Couples can talk about a shared future without one of you freaking out. Single Gems may meet someone with long-range potential. But you have to be willing to get out there and look in earnest!

But be gentle with yourself. Anything fad-based or obsessive is not likely to create a lasting transformation.

Ease into changes you actually look forward to sticking with, perhaps just cutting BACK on certain foods instead of trying to cut them OUT entirely. Forget hiding in the shadows today, Lion. This is doubly activating for you because the fifth house is the natural home of Leo! Power down, Virgo. Today, the only Sagittarius new moon of the year nestles in your fourth house of domestic bliss.

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This lunar lift is the perfect opportunity to make it up to them with some devoted, undivided family time. And you thought your social life was buzzing before! But with the proper care and feeding, you can stretch this popularity surge into —and do some good for others as a bonus! Yes, it will likely entail some belt-tightening. But lean into that famous Scorpio willpower, and you can get things back on track almost painlessly.

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Today is a huge deal for Archers everywhere as the only Sagittarius new moon of the year adds even more charisma and magnetism to your life and pours fuel in your manifesting tanks. They are utmost decisive — when they direct their efforts to a single goal, they can attain excellent results.


March horoscope today

But still, they are not always successful in their private life. They continually construct lofty and fantastic projects thanks to their lush imagination. There is rarely any person born on this day who would not have some special secrets or be involved in secret experiences. They can very skillfully learn the secrets of others, as well as shroud their activities in mystery, staying in the hiding and out of sight. They are very determined and stubborn, so their actions can be unnerving for individuals of a different temperament and character.

Although they cannot be accused of arrogance — it is difficult to satisfy them. It is even more difficult to learn their true intentions and what they are really after. They can carve their way through any adversity, with their unerring instinct leading them to their goal. Their life is full of unusual events and experiences.

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Skillful, adapting, sympathetic — they enjoy changes and all things exciting. A woman born on this da y is very graceful, and her mental life is subtle.

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She does not always feel happy. What should they be wary of.